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Leadership development in the Chilean Navy

Leadership development is considered an essential tool for success, both in military and civilian organisations. In times when adapting to change has become a continuous challenge, the Chilean Navy’s leadership development model might need to be analysed using the experiences of other navies and other Chilean civilian...

Is China a sea power?

Richard Kouyoumdjian seeks to answer the question about if China is or not a Sea Power. After analysing what authors like Alfred Thayer Mahan have to say about this concept, he uses the more contemporary points of view of Geoffrey Till to define what kind of Sea Power a nation, particularly in this case China, has. Through the different chapters the author arrives to the conclusion that enables us to understand China ´s interests and how it will develop in the future and her relation with the US Naval Power.

Meetings the emissions challenge – A UK perspective

Paul Carroll explains how the Royal Navy faces the big challenge of emissions control and environmental care. He foresees approaches reducing energy demands, more efficient machinery and power generator, application of emission control measures and the development of new technologies. Carroll´s conclusions consider the need of investing in new and innovative measures, including the adaptation of commercially available solutions, to comply with the increasing demand for better environmental protection, especially from Royal Navy units.
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